The Positive Sports Leadership Athletic Development Program develops the three areas that create a true performing athlete: Mind, Body and Spirit. When an athlete has balance between the Mind, Body, and Spirit, the athlete’s mindset is in line with their deep personal goals. This creates positive energy throughout the body giving the athlete an athletic edge by providing energy to muscles needed to perform their sport. Since our thoughts, words, and actions are creative we are responsible for their impact.


Like causes attract like effects, so that negative thoughts, words, and actions attract negative outcomes, while wholesome thoughts, words, and actions attract positive outcomes. To the ancient Chinese, Mind, Body, and Spirit are one, not three, and exercise, meditation, and philosophy all work together to improve and integrate every aspect of development. The philosophy is a three legged stool, when one of the legs is weaker than the other legs, the integrity of the stool will collapse.

How does it work?

Achieving Mind, Body, and Spirit connection is the ultimate goal. Achieving this connection gives athletes an absolute edge in their performance and success as an athlete. We start with our 3 Paths to Alignment: Internal Honest Dialogue, Martial Science, and Reiki Healing + Meditation. Through these paths we increase the connection we are striving to achieve and discover within ourselves our core 3 Self-Reflections: Motivation, Needs, and Purpose. When we can align and identify what our self-reflections to our alignment we can achieve fulfillment. 


Fulfillment=Performance. Becoming a truly fulfilled athlete means becoming a top performing athlete. Athletes who don’t understand how they are fulfilled stray off the path and diminish their chances of future athletic success. When a corporate worker no longer feels fulfilled at work, their work performance usually drops dramatically as they are spending more time in search for self-actualization than in search of success. We want you to know who you are, how you operate, and what makes you successful so we can harness those power forces and push you to the highest level of achievement possible!